Our Nor'easter Certificate of Authenticity

Online orders are now shipping with a certificate of authenticity. Not unlike a luxury brand, we wanted a cheeky way to distinguish our merchandise from the knock-offs that are appearing on the market.

frig sakes t-shirt that was made by a competitor who stole our ideas

It's official, someone thought we were hot enough to copy

In 2023, a national company with retail locations in airports across Canada and the United States, approached us asking if they could carry our products. In the end, they used another Nova Scotian company to replicate our merchandise.

Knock-offs like this red graphic tee, can be found at the Halifax airport. While they look a lot like us, they are not us.

The softest tees in Nova Scotia

We're redefining comfort and quickly becoming Canada's go-to clothing brand with our fiercely cozy apparel.

Shop our collection of irresistibly soft clothing, including premium cotton tees, cozy fleece, and #FerociouslyComfortable fabric blends that'll have you feeling like you're slipping into an old favourite from the get-go.

Whether you're an adult, a kiddo, or a friend who's strayed from the East Coast, we've got the perfect shirt. 

Get your hands on an East Coast Slang tee for a uniquely Nova Scotian style. 


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An East Coast clothing brand

Our products are meticulously designed and hand-printed right here in Nova Scotia. Situated in Martins Point, between Mahone Bay and Chester, our dedicated print studio ensures the highest quality craftsmanship.

​As a company rooted in the South Shore, we take great pride in being part of a thriving community of small businesses. We remain committed to keeping our production process local, even if it costs us a few extra coins. Supporting our economy and creating local job opportunities is at the core of our mission.

Join us in celebrating Nova Scotia craftsmanship and sustainable business practices.