Origin Story

Nor’easter Apparel embodies all the powerful attributes of those wild storms that come from the North East and hit our coastlines. They are fierce, unstoppable and often unpredictable. In Atlantic Canada, the word causes a frenzy as we prepare for its arrival.

These attributes have become our message of empowerment—calling all East Coasters to wear the words with pride and conviction. Now is the time to stand up and be your best self. Dream big, chase your goals with full force and never stop—do everything you were told you couldn't do.

Maritimers are friendly, like to laugh, and proud of our roots. We believe the East Coast is the best coast—but all of Canada is pretty freaking great! No matter how far we roam we never lose that connection to home.


We are strong. We are a force of nature. We are Nor’easters.