How to find the right size

Wondering what size you should buy from our online store?
Here are some quick tips using one of our blank t-shirts. Each wearable item in our online store has a sizing chart in the extra product information fields. We also try to provide the model's height and weight in the product description for a visual reference.
In our sizing charts, the W stands for width, and the L stands for length. These measurements have been supplied by our manufacturers and are taken when the garment is laid flat. (Some women's items do give a numerical size)


Step one:

Take your favourite tee that you own and lay it flat on a table. Try to take one that hasn't been kicking around for 10 years as it's likely stretched over time.


Step two:

To find the width, measure across the chest under the #sleeves. Once you have that number you can compare it to our sizing chart to find the closest match.


Step three:

Repeat the same process measuring from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the hemline. This will give you the length. If your measurements fall between sizes, we suggest going with the larger size.



Extra Tips:

Keep in mind any #tshirt you buy online (even if it's top-shelf) is going to be mass-produced so there may be slight variances in these measurements. It's rare, but sometimes we get the odd garment that has been tagged incorrectly—the tag might say Large when in actuality it could be an Extra Large. But as a rule, this should help you find the best fit.
Two styles of #sweaters from the same manufacturer are often sized differently. So if you're a new customer, double-check each item until you get familiar with our garments.
#Sizing is a very inconsistent beast and we do our best to give you all the info available to us. If your item arrives and it's not fitting right, let us know and we'll do what we can to get you the another size!
If you're still feeling scared to click "purchase" drop us an email and we'll help ya out!

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