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South Shore Phrase Book

South Shore Phrase Book

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Holy snappin' assholes, we've found a book written in our mother tongue!

160 pages of colourful language to remind you of 'home' or to bring back vivid memories of when you last visited the scenic province of Nova Scotia.

The book provides slang phrases, their meanings, and the local town where it's known to have originated.

Collected from the 'talk' of the people who live along the South Shore (from Halifax to Yarmouth), this book is an amusing guide to the life and character of these resilient fisher and farm folk. Many expressions reach beyond the South Shore.

The work is illustrated with old photographs from the region, and it includes scholarly appendices on "Elizabethan English on Nova Scotia's South Shore" and "Rough Measure in Maritime Dialect Research," the latter written with Jacqueline Baum.

Learn to talk like a true Maritimer with this unique book of phrases. Only available from Nor'easter Apparel.

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